You value your friends.
So do we.
With our roofing referral program you can earn huge rewards when you tell your friends about us.
How huge?
Tier 1
Qualified Roofing Referrals
Gift card of your choice
Tier 2
Qualified Roofing Referrals
Gift card of your choice
Tier 3
Qualified Roofing Referrals
Gift card of your choice
Tier 4
Qualified Roofing Referrals
Towards vacation of your choice

Here's how it works

1. Submit Your Referral

Submit your friends and families names to us through our Online Referral Form.

2. We'll get in touch with them

Let your friends know to be expecting our call. We'll get in touch with them to understand their need.

3. Receive your reward.

You've done your part! Once we've finished work on your friend's project we'll send you your selected reward. Now just figure out how you're going to spend it!

Program Details

What's a Qualified Roofing Referral?

A qualified roofing referral will meet 3 simple criteria:

  1. The referred client must sign with us for a full or partial roof replacement.
  2. The size of the roof (or portion being replaced) is at least 1,400 square feet.
  3. The owner’s primary residence may not be counted as a referral. Secondary residences and rental properties or commercial properties would qualify for the referral program.

What if my referral has an insurance claim other than a roof?

We have a reward program for that too! For each qualified insurance claim you refer to us you receive a $150.00 gift card of your choice. No minimums, maximums or tiers. It's that simple.

Here are some examples of qualified insurance claims:

  1. There are no minimum dollar amounts for your referral to qualify.
  2. The referred client must sign a contract with Pro Building and their insurance company must approve the job. If the insurance company denies the claim but the client chooses to go through with the work at the same fee schedule, your referral still counts.
  3. Structural drying and water mitigation both count towards a qualified insurance referral.
  4. You can even earn the reward for your primary residence if you are a returning client!